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Logo and Brand Identity Design





Our highly skilled designers can create a bespoke logo that will enable your business or organisation to stand out and be noticed.

Responsive Web Design & Development

Web designers in Kenya: Businesses require efficient marketing and communication strategies to increase their customer base and build their brands.

Web Hosting and Domain Registration

We are dedicated, as a matter of honor, to providing our clients with the most reliable Web Hosting services in Kenya. What is web hosting ?

Welcome To Ruzz Graphics For Web and Graphic Design Services in Kenya

Ruzz Graphics is a full service web and Graphic design agency based in Mombasa Kenya.
Certain aspects of our work enable us to be creative, others require us to be realistic. Our website design work is where we take a practical approach to achieving creative objectives. We use content management systems to achieve this for some important reasons:

  • They enable you to update them quickly and easily.
  • They are well optimised.
  • They provide you with a lot of flexibility and freedom in terms of website design and functionality.
  • They can be given a facelift when the design becomes dated, keeping pace with the advances in internet technology and providing a cost-effective way to keep your brand current
  • They allow clients, not website designers, the opportunity to manage their content.

High Quality Website Design

Do you need a new website design to enhance your user experience? Do you want to bring your existing website into the digital age with a fresh look? Give us a call or drop us an email and let’s chat.

Of course, it’s also okay if you don’t know what you want yet. Lots of our clients come to us for ideas too. If you’d like an online presence and you don’t know where to start, we can help you with that too.